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How outdoor lighting can enhance your environment!

The lighting projects for outdoor areas always need some care when being developed. It is necessary to pay attention to the project, that the products will be exposed to the action of rains, seas, insolation, and winds.

For this reason the luminaires, besides being well thought out, must be very well adapted with various weather-resistant materials. Preferably purchased from a reliable supplier with good market reviews.

So how to design an outdoor project?

To start a lighting design project for outdoor areas, it is necessary to choose what is needed and make sure that some important definitions are established, such as safety, functionality, and aesthetics.

For this will make the environments more pleasant and safer. An ideal suggestion is to analyze the place where the project will be done at night. This will make it more assertive, because during the day important details may go unnoticed.

With this, you will soon notice the areas that cause a certain amount of glare. But make no mistake, each location can demand not only a different type of lighting, but also its temperature.

It is necessary to pay attention to illuminance, in order not to use lamps that may affect the public's well-being, because the focus of the luminotechnical projects in external areas is to enhance and guide people in a safe way, generating a cozy and pleasant environment.

Always keep the floors lit (with beacons and low sconces), walls, columns, walls, trees, and ornamental plants are a differential (especially using reflectors and sconces), and try to highlight the main things in the place, to enhance the environment and hide what does not need to be highlighted.

Outdoor Lighting Materials

Lamps are part of the most important part of an outdoor project. There are several types with different voltages, lumens, colors, and shapes, and their classifications can be halogen, fluorescent, or LED.

We always suggest LED bulbs, because they are the most indicated for having a long life span and consuming very little energy.

Adding the right lamp is important for the success of a project, as well as taking care of protection against heat and water.

For plants and decorations, we recommend using a reflector or marker to highlight the outline. The light beam should always be directed directly at the leaves or decorations.

On the facade, the lighting can come from sconces with a narrow beam, creating a game of light and shadow. The important thing is that the lighting is directed to the wall and not to passers-by.

Safety first tips

Stairs and steps deserve special attention. After all, safety should come first, and outdoor lighting should be used for that purpose. Try to use LEDs or recessed lights on the stairs to highlight them and make the path visible.

Outdoor lighting is an essential companion to accentuate your garden and architecture, not to mention an important security feature that prevents unwanted visitors from hiding in the shadows.

Final considerations

Did you like these tips? Then be sure to check out all the products we have. For each segment, we have a tailor-made option! Use these resources that we have and add value to your property/enterprise, after all, the external appearance is responsible for the first impression. Take advantage of these tips and get to work!

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